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SAP Education

In our school we educate our students with an excellent academic training of high quality and cutting-edge, which provides them with all the necessary tools to face the world successfully, as well as build solid moral and spiritual values, so that with good leadership consolidated manage to transform society, being proactive, generous and supportive.

Our Study Plan

We have a defined methodological structure that takes into account the characteristics and age of children and young people, respecting their learning pace. We apply an adequate dosage of the programs based on the true needs of our students.

The contents of the programs establish an interdependence of all the subjects and the areas that are developed.

Our Study Plan Includes

Language and Literature
Artistic Expression
Physical Education
Values ​​Training
Business Management
Leadership and Entrepreneurship
Technology, Programming and Robotics

Student Profile

Being a SAP student is:

  • Leader sensitive to the reality of his environment
  • Active and creative
  • Analytical and who knows how to investigate and work in group investigations
  • Entrepreneur
  • Motivated and communicative
  • Express themselves correctly verbally and in writing

English Program

Our plan aims to take the student from the initial and basic level of Kindergarten to a B2 level (corresponding to the Common European Framework) in 12th grade, giving the student the possibility of taking an international exam that demonstrates their level of independent user. of said language.

To carry out this program we have the support of the University of Cambridge, who is a world leader and one of the main sources in the area of ​​English as a second language for Research, ESL Professional Training and ESL Assessment.

The Common European Framework of Reference sets international standards for the learning, teaching and assessment of ENGLISH (and all modern European languages).

The CEFR production descriptors provide us with the reference for the production of the language.

Cambridge English exams are accepted by more than 13,500 universities, businesses and governments around the world.

These are used for employment and academic admission.

Why Cambridge at the Smart Academy College?

  • To prepare students for the international economy
  • To achieve and exceed international university standards.
  • To be leaders in Panama of an International System with the recognition and quality of that granted by the University of Cambridge.

State-of-the-Art Educational Solutions

Smart Academy Panama, together with Knowledge Group, a world-renowned leading company in cutting-edge educational solutions, is committed to supporting the transformation of the teaching-learning process, offering innovative, personalized solutions aligned with international certification standards.

We work hand in hand with teachers, providing them with tools, curricular content, educational methodology, advice and continuous updating, thus contributing to the formation of future citizens and leaders of our country.

Our After School Courses

Flag Soccer
Ultimate Frisbee
Science Clubs, Debate, Reading.
And Much More

Join our Big SAP Family

Our school has a harmonious and warm community atmosphere. All of our students feel accepted and cared for by the adults who work here and by their older peers, this creates a much more positive environment that allows everyone to thrive and builds the bonds of the SAP Family.
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We Educate for Life

Our purpose is to train autonomous children and young people with a solid base of knowledge, ethical and moral values.

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