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About the School

At Smart Academy Panama we believe that educating by developing life skills is the key to success. Therefore, we strive to stimulate the individual talents and abilities of each student.

In addition, we offer a wide range of after school activities designed to keep our students engaged in continuous improvement and motivated as leaders and entrepreneurs.
Aware of the great commitment that the training of our students means, we do not limit ourselves to teaching only; our work and responsibility lies in transforming the lives of those who pass through our classrooms, both in the human, spiritual, social and intellectual areas, because we know that human beings are not fragmented and their training should not be either.


Our purpose is to comprehensively train autonomous children and youth, with a solid foundation in knowledge, ethical and moral values, principles and traditions that characterize our country.
We strengthen the development of all their potentialities, providing them with the possibility of significantly learning in a pleasant, solid and lasting way, sequentially incorporating new concepts into their knowledge scheme, based on what they already know and their needs and interests.


At Smart Academy Panama we seek to consolidate ourselves as an educational center of excellence, recognized among the best institutions in the country, standing out for providing a bilingual, scientific, humanistic and technological education, and having a quality management system that ensures continuous improvement, allowing that its graduates are professionals highly committed to the national reality, suitable and competitive in the university and work environment.


We firmly believe that educating, based on fundamental ethical and moral values, allows us to instill, from an early age, our men and women of tomorrow the following principles:

  • Faith
  • Fortress
  • straightness and
  • Honesty

Which ensure them not only professional or work success, but also balance in all the roles and areas that they develop during their lives.

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In our school we train our students with excellent academics that provide them with all the necessary tools to face the world successfully, as well as solid moral and religious values, so that with education they can change it, and help others from the hand of God.
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Our Director

Magister Nancy H. Pardo R.

Graduated in Biology, with postgraduate studies in Environmental Planning, Higher Teaching, Educational Psychology and Administration and Educational Supervision. Master in Education. He is currently doing his Doctorate.

She is certified in Audits for Quality Management Systems in the educational sector.

He has more than 30 years of experience in education and in the direction, consulting and advice of high-performance schools internationally and in Panama for more than 18 years.

Our Emblems

Below is an explanation of our emblems, their meanings and what they represent to us.

Shield logo:

Version of our shields

Our School Mascot:

White Bengal Tiger

Meaning of our emblem

Olive branch

The olive tree is consecrated in ancient times to the goddess Athena, symbol of Divine Wisdom. Its oil was used to offer to the gods, illuminate at night and as food.
The olive branch, with its fruits, represents Fruitful Wisdom.


Symbol of formal, concrete, productive and effective intelligence.
It represents the intelligence's ability to dominate forms and achieve harmony between the world of spirit and that of matter, producing wealth and abundance not only in the spiritual but also in the material.

The Tiger and the Star

The tiger has been a symbol of serenity and fierceness due to its sooty face. Tiger derives from "Thigra", an Iranian word meaning sharp, stabbing.
In China, it is linked to the "Yang", or masculine and strong for its vitality and energy.

And the star, a symbol of high and noble ideals, represents human intelligence whose research and search for knowledge and learning is guided by noble purposes.

Our Colors

The colors symbolize:
Blue: Wisdom
Light blue: Lively Intelligence
Silver Grey: The Nobility.

We Educate for Life

Our purpose is to train autonomous children and young people with a solid base of knowledge, ethical and moral values.

Contact and Location

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Manuel F. Zárate street, Brisas del Golf, Panama City, Panama.

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[email protected]

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